Thursday, June 9, 2011

You Capture - Flowers

So Beth's challenge this week was flowers, and I feel like I need to be honest about something.  The fact is that when it comes to growing plant life - flowers, bushes, grass... - well, I have the black thumb of death.  I have managed to kill every plant ever given to me and that includes a bamboo plant (there was an ice storm, we lost electricity for 10 days, moved in with my in-laws, and I might have forgotten to take the plant with us and it might have frozen just a lot).  With all of this being said, I had some trouble finding flowers to take pictures of this week.  I was afraid to stalk my neighbors flowers (I try to avoid entering other's never know), and I drew the line at dragging my camera to Lowe's to shoot in the garden center.  Oh, and I was feeling lazy this week.

I was left looking for flowers in my house, and here's what we have (which is not much by the way).
These bears were our cupcake wedding cake topper...they sit on my dresser now and hold the only kinds of flowers I can't kill - the fake kind.

This flower is part of a picture that hangs above our bed...I can keep metal flowers alive too - way to go me!

And these blooms, they are from a plant that my mother-in-law gave me for mother's day having forgotten about my black thumb of death.  They are still thriving only because Justin has forbidden me from touching them - he has taken over the care of this particular plant.  (He really likes growing stuff and is amazed by his wife's ability to kill things with out trying.)
So there you have it!  Happy Capturing everyone!


  1. Metal flowers are my favorite, too. So low-maintenance!

  2. Awww! You poor thing! Not fun to have that sort of "stigma" ! :(
    I admire your creativity though! Capturing pictures of something you don't have nearby is always a task!

  3. You are too funny! I have the same problem, can't keep anything green for long!