Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This Boy

This boy is four years old today. 

He is very excited that it is his birthday today.  VERY!  Can you tell?

This mama is having trouble figuring out how her baby got this big so very quickly...

There are some important things to remember about Logan right now.  Like the fact that he loves to laugh and make others laugh along with him.

And he would eat chicken nuggets and cheese pizza at every meal if only we would let him.  And his favorite movie right now is Cars.  He can't wait for us to take him to the movie theater to see Cars 2 next week so he can see Lightening McQueen and "Anchessco" (a.k.a. Francesco).  In fact he requested a cheese pizza for dinner tonight and a Lightening McQueen birthday cake.  (Both requests have been or will be met).

Coming in a close second and third on the favorites list are trains (preferably Thomas trains, but any train will do) and Spiderman (I think he owns three pairs of Spiderman pajamas that he would wear all day long every day if we would let him).

Logan is also a great big brother.  He loves playing with Gavin and is often more than willing to share his toys with Gavin (though he frequently hands them over saying, "Don't chew on that now, Gavin" and upon getting the toy back exclaims "Ewww, baby drool!")  He also likes to give Gavin hugs and kisses - especially before Gavin goes to bed at night.  And the sweetest the mornings when he hears Gavin up and playing in his crib he drags one of his little chairs into the room to stand next to the crib and play with Gavin. 

Happy Birthday, Logan!  Thanks for letting me be your mama for these past four years.

P.S.  If you want to hear Logan's birth story check back in later tonight...I'll have it finished by then!

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