Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday Pool Party

On Friday the day care was closed so Justin and I decided to take both boys to the public pool.  It wasn't Gavin's first time swimming, but it was his first time at the public pool.  And Logan, he was already a big fan of the pool after last summer.  The entire trip was a big hit!
Shade, water, and snacks are a must!

Plus snacks make those pesky mandatory "pool breaks" go by faster!

My boys are totally handsome...and I swear I'm not the least bit biased...

Holes that shoot water are very interesting...

...even if they shoot water in your face sometimes (I may not have caught it on camera exactly, but trust me it happened...more than once!).

(In case you noticed that there are no pictures of Logan swimming, please know that it is not because I didn't try.  Did you know that almost-four-year-olds are incapable of staying still for even a fraction of a second????)

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