Monday, June 6, 2011


Justin went to Joplin with a work crew last Thursday.  Today, he had to admit two things.
  1. He was sick.  Need a doctor sick.  Due to his exposure to the elements (including a large bag of sulfur) while wokring he had chemically induced bronchitis.
  2. He also had to admit that emotionally the trip had rocked him more than he imagined possible.  He hasn't slept well since returning - too many dreams.
No worries...he'll recover from both, but it got me thinking.  Thinking thoughts I have been avoiding thinking. 

If spending one day cleaning up in a town one only has loose connections with can leave one reeling from dreams for nights, how are those who live there - those who lost jobs, belongings, homes, and people - doing?

This tragedy goes so much deeper than some lost buildings and a huge recovery project.  It is going to follow - even haunt - the citizens of Joplin for a long time to come. 

I can hardly bear to think about this part - it sends me to near tears every time, even now.  It leaves me thinking two things.  One (and this one seems so very selfish), I am so very thankful that this didn't happen to my family.  Thankful that my children are still safe, protected, innocent of anything as tragic as this.  And second, I'm reminded of how blessed and sheltered we are here in America.  Most of us in this country (thank God) have never (and hopefully will never) experience this kind of destruction, and again (with a little guilt involved here too) I'm so very thankful for this too. 

Every night I continue to pray for the people of Joplin as they recover both physically and emotionally from the wrath of this tornado.  And, I pray that people don't too quickly forget what has happened here in Southern Missouri, that the volunteers and donations continue to stream in for this community until every need is met in the best way it can be.

Prayers seem like so little at this time, but I have faith that God is listening and working in this.  And, again, I'm so very thankful for that.

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