Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh, Hello there June

Dear June,

I love you.  June is a perfect month.  I was born in June - that alone makes you a good month, right???  And, my son was born in June and, in my opinion, that makes you an even better month.  Oh, and June, you are the first month of summer break which is really important for a burned-out teacher coming off the end of a school year (name me one teacher that isn't burned out come the end of May - I dare you!).  You are also not too hot yet and it generally doesn't seem to rain as much in June as in say, May.  I love you, June.

Except for right now.

Right now, I hate June.  (Sorry, June, it's just how I feel.)

Let me explain.
  1. Today is June 1st and is 2:34 in the morning.  I should be in bed, but I can't sleep because I have a horrible sinus cold brought on by allergies.  I'm sure it started as allergies because I am currently covered in hives.  *boo*  *hiss*  I think I'm going to have to go to the doctor and this is bad because I never go to the doctor.
  2. It seems I have also passed this sinus cold on to my youngest as he ran a fever for two days, and today, just when I thought he was getting better, he proved that he his not.  His fever may be gone, but he is still miserable.  He struggles to fall asleep, and then, once he does fall asleep, he struggles to stay asleep!  And, he's tugging on his ears.  He has a doctors appointment tomorrow.  I'd bet everything I own that he has an ear infection (but I won't, because the one time I'd bet on it, I'd be wrong just because I made a bet - I have really bad luck that way....).
  3. And my oldest, he has not been immune to this illness either.  He was fine Monday morning.  I should have known not all was good in the world when I laid him down for a nap, he fell asleep right away, and then proceeded to sleep for 3 1/2 hours (I had to wake him up)!  And, when I woke him up, yeah, he had a fever too.  At least he was doing much better today yesterday - aside from the hideous cough that is. 
My kids are supposed to go to day care today.  I'm supposed to be going to Springfield with my husband to pick up pictures and see a movie (we haven't been to the movies - unless you count Toy Story 3 with Logan - in close to two years). 

Now, my kids will probably still go to day care, but I'll stay close to home just in case.  Sure, we will still run to Springfield because I need to pick up the pictures, but we won't linger.  I'm not really up for a movie anyway.  Plus, I need to be here to take Gavin to the doctors in the afternoon.

And now, it's after 3:00.  It took a long time to write this one, but only because I had to stop and take care of a crying Gavin - my poor baby.  Oh, and I'm tired, but wired (stupid allergy medecine) so I'll probably stay up for awhile...I'll probably go to bed about the time the boys are waking up, and then I'll have to get right back up again.  Oh well...

So June, right now I hate you.  I hope we can be friends again later - maybe after we have all recovered from this crud???  In the meantime, could you maybe please straighten up your act???  I'm sure I'll be able to move past this then and go back to loving June.

Your Biggest Fan (except not right now),

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