Monday, May 30, 2011

Mowing is a game...just ask Logan

Logan received a toy push mower for his first birthday...this was a smart move by his aunt.  He loved - wait...he still loves - that lawn mower.

This is Logan on his first birthday playing with his new lawn mower.  A couple weeks after his birthday we moved into our house and he was able to mow the grass instead of just mowing our tile floor.

One year later....still mowing away!  But, oh so much bigger...

He was still mowing the next summer too...of course I have no picture evidence of this since I dropped my precious DSLR on a tile floor while on vacation in May and it took two months to get it fixed.  I had a point and shoot, but alas, I lost inspiration to take lots of pictures.  But, I promise he mowed then too.

Today happened to be a good day to mow as it was sunny out and it is supposed to rain for the next three days.  And, of course, Logan was up to the task.

And sheesh, he went and got even bigger!

The point is that Logan thinks mowing is a pretty cool game.  He asks Justin if they can go mow the lawn!  So thanks Aunt Dannielle - your gift has truly stood the test of time. 

Of course, by the time he's old enough to push the real lawn mower I'm sure he won't think it is such a cool game anymore...


  1. That is so sweet :) My little brother LOVED vacuums and used his toy vacuum for years too!

  2. Too funny! Logan also likes to vacuum - it is his "winter" game... : D