Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gavin - 9 months

  • Gavin weighed 16 lbs. 11 oz and was 27.5" long at his nine month well baby check up.
  • We also recieved the good news that his lab work showed that he was negative hypophosphatemic rickets!!!!
  • He added a bottom tooth to the three he already had.
  • He's (surprisingly) still not crawling, but he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth a lot!  I'm guessing he'll be taking off any day now!
  • He was just reaching for things, but now he will actually move from sitting to laying on his belly in an effort to reach what he wants.  Now he's just trying to figure out how to get back into a sitting position!
  • Gavin is happily upgrading to more solid foods.  He's a big fan of crackers and toast.
  • We've also started giving him some pear and apple juices which he can drink out of a sippy long as I hold the cup! 
  • We dropped a couple of nursing sessions during the day and started him on some formula.  He's transitioning really well - he practically inhales his bottles!
  • And, he can hold the bottles all by himself!  (I have no idea how long he has been doing this since up until now I hadn't given him a bottle in a few months!)
  • Gavin still likes to nurse first thing in the morning and during the evening.
  • He goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:00 and straight through until 5-5:30.  He wants to stay awake at this point though so we're beginning the process of pushing his bed time back a bit in hopes of keeping him asleep until closer to six (cross your fingers!).
  • He also falls asleep on his own now - I can't remember the last time he fell asleep in my arms while rocking....this makes me happy...and sad...
  • Gavin now prefers to ride in the stroller or the shopping cart as opposed to being carried in the ring sling (another happy/sad moment for his mama) - he's trying to become quite the independent!
  • He still likes to play in his jumper occasionally, but prefers to be on the floor with ALL of his toys out.
Gavin is changing so much everyday I can hardly keep up sometimes!  I'm looking forward to spending the summer with him and introducing him to all things summer! 

See all those teeth??? Including the fangs???

Side note:  Normally I try to do a "photo session" every month with Gavin, but because the weather has been bad and our schedule has been a little crazy I just haven't really had the time.  So, these pictures aren't mine.  Instead I have Sears Portrait Studio to thank this month!

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