Friday, May 13, 2011

They came, they roofed, it's done!

Back in February we got some hail.  And when I say "some" I actually mean a lot.  Big stuff.  Twice.  In one night.  In the words of one of our roofers, it turned our shingles into "swiss cheese."

Lucky for us, our home owner's insurance rocks.  They paid for it all.  (Minus deductible of course...Stupid deductible!)

And lucky for us, we found a roofing company that rocks as much as our insurance company.  I'm not kidding - they had our old shingles torn off, unexpected wood rot repaired, and new shingles laid all in 1/2 a day!  (If you live in southern MO and need a roof I'd recommend them to you!)

It looks awesome!

This is our house before.  I know, know, you can't see hail damage from here, but I wasn't crawling around on the roof to take pictures!

The shingles were delivered two weeks before they actually made it to our house to roof it - thanks so much for all the rain Mother Nature.  NOT!

See where they had to peel the siding off?  I guess that's where the wood rot was.  It rotted because the original roof was done uncorrectly I guess.

They were working like mad trying to beat the rain!  Even so they ended up getting a little wet before they were done.  At least they finished before the big storm hit.  Did I mention Mother Nature has been DUMPING rain on us lately?

All done!  And, yes, still raining!

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  1. Looks like a huge undertaking!

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