Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Snap! Snap!

We're housesitting for my in-laws this week, and yesterday after we pulled into the garage and Justin says, "Hey, you take Gavin.  I'm going to go show Logan something and I don't trust him not to touch."  My mothering instincts immediately scream What kind of dangerous something are you going to show our son - NO NO NO.  Instead I calmly say, "Oh, what are you going to show him?"  And he responds, "A turtle."  And I'm thinking A turtle?  Really?  What's so dangerous about a turtle?  But I say, "When did you see a turtle?"  And he says, "I saw it in the yard when we pulled in the driveway."  And I reply, "How did you see a turtle in the yard from a car?"  I feel this is a legitimate question - turtles are small, right?


Meet Mr. Snapping Turtle:

I swear I have never seen a turtle this big outside of a zoo, and this guy was sitting in the front yard!  We spent quite awhile observing Mr. Snapping Turtle from a safe distance...I don't really know if he was a snapper or not, but I surely was NOT going to be finding out from personal experience!

A few hours later Justin and I went outside to watch the next storm start to roll in and Mr. Snapping Turtle was long gone.  To that I say, "God speed Mr. Snapping Turtle!"

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