Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Playing house

Justin and I are house sitting for his parents (my in-laws) while they are on vacation.  This involves feeding their cats twice a day and (at least one of us) spending the night there every night.  It's a pretty easy job...well, sort of.  It does require moving between our house and their house quite a bit which can be complicated - especially since they live ten minutes out of town making it inconvenient to have to run back to our house for something I have we have forgotten.

There are some perks too though.  For example:
  1. A big flat screen TV - We do not have a big flat screen tv and this one happens to be perfect for watching episodes of Spartacus movies.
  2. A BIG laundry room - I've never loved doing laundry so much!  I can sort it all out in the laundry room and then close the door and forget about it completely until it's time to switch loads.
  3. A house in the middle of nowhere - I love being in the middle of nowhere.  No neighbors.  No noise.  Good sleep.
  4. "New" toys - my boys are having a blast because Mimi's toys are all "new" and therefore more fun than the "old" toys at home.
  5. Whirlpool bathtub - need I say more?
When we were making dinner out there the other night I was thinking to myself This feels like we're playing house which is kind of silly since we are married and have kids and our own house that we do this same kind of stuff in all of the time but still....  And then Justin popped up saying, "You know, this feels like playing house" and I cracked up because I had just been thinking that.  

So here we are this week, playing house.  If you don't here from me too often it's because there's no internet (hey, it can't all be perfect right?)

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  1. Can I come?! Whirlpool tub is all you needed to say!! AND Spartacus?! I die!