Sunday, May 1, 2011

Friends Forever? I hope so...

Yesterday something pretty cool happened.  After lunch the boys, Justin, and I were sitting on the couch snuggling and counting down until nap time.  Logan eventually hopped down to play with the train track I had set up on the living room floor for him that morning.  Justin joined him down there and they pushed trains around together.  I then set Gavin on the floor, gave him a train to chew on play with.  At some point Justin and I both ended up back on the couch, and we just watched in amazement as our boys played together.  Gavin was mesmerized by Logan pushing his trains around the track, and Logan would periodically drive his trains by Gavin to say hi and check up on him.  It was a beautiful site...

See Logan and Gavin are over three years apart - not the most ideal age gap for making play mates.  And I'm not naive - I know that just because they are brothers does not mean they will grow up to be friends.  I've witnessed the relationships between too many sets of siblings to believe that just because people share a set of parents that they will share a bond of friendship. 

But here's to hoping!  I pray every day that they will grow up to not only love each other as brothers, but too like each other as well.  That they will be good friends to each other and support each other - even when they don't see eye to eye.  I pray that they won't let sibling rivalry, competitiveness, or jealousy come between them.  I pray that my boys will be friends forever.

And, as a semi related side note:  Did you see my wicked track building skills?  Yeah, I know, I rock!  : D

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