Friday, May 13, 2011

Future musician or dancer? Opinions?

Gavin likes to music.  In fact, Gavin loves music.  It makes him laugh and smile...and dance!  See for yourself!

I think he's going to be a drummer.  Did you see the way he was moving those arms around?  If that isn't a sign of the a drummer for the next great rock band I don't know what is!

And by the way, that is Logan laughing like a crazy person in the background.  Later on he insisted on being in the video too, but I had to cut the video down soooo much to get it to upload to Blogger....but, I figure it's okay, b/c he has his own dancing video!

And by the way...this is the eleventy millionth time I've tried to upload this video to blogger.  In fact, it WAS uploaded successfully once, but for some reason that post (and everything else including comments made on Wednesday) has disappeared.  Don't get it, just fixing it!

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