Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Promise Kept

I really meant to get Logan a sandbox last year.  Justin and I planned to give him one for Easter, but the weather was so rainy and cold that at the last minute we decided to get him something he was actually going to be able to use RIGHT THEN (you know how important RIGHT NOW is to two year olds right???).  I figured I would just get him the sandbox for his birthday in June, but by then it was too hot (I'll be honest, this was a bigger issue for Logan's 8 month pregnant mama than him) so again we decided to go with something he could use RIGHT THEN because, lets face it, even at three RIGHT NOW is very important. 

Then came August...and still no sandbox.  Poor kid....after all, his mama had promised....

In September I had a brilliant idea:  I'd buy Logan a sand box as a "big brother" gift (I won't point out that Gavin was nearly a month old by the time I had this idea...).  I even went to Wal-Mart to purchase one.  They were sold out of course.  In fact, I was informed that they had just sold the last one that day


Needless to say when it comes to promises kept, I was not going to be winning the mother of the year award.  I also learned a valuable lesson:  Never promise anything!!!!

Well, the point of this story is that, as of today, I have redeemed myself.  Behold the sandbox:

Logan is a very happy child today.  And that means he has a very happy mama

....and he seems to have forgotten that I ever promised him a sandbox last no permanent damage done I'd say!

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