Friday, May 6, 2011

My kid doesn't do surprises

It's official.  Logan is like me.  He absolutely can not keep a surprise a surprise.

But then again, neither can his mother.  Just ask my parents.  Or my brother.  Or my sister.  Or Justin.  Or anyone else who has ever had contact with me.  Yeah, I'm that bad at surprises....

Logan is like me.  Logan stinks at surprises.

We can't help it.  The excitement is just too much for either of us....we have to share! 

For example:

Yesterday at day care they made Mother's Day gifts.  Yesterday on the car ride home from day care Logan proceeded to tell me exactly what my gift was.  "Mommy, I painted you a box.  It's green like Charlie's.  Mommy, I also made flowers and bees.  Do you know what bees do?  They sting you.  I'm the flowers and Gavers is the bees."  Now, I give the child this:  for the most part I had no idea what he was talking about!

Fast forward to today.  This afternoon.  I showed up at day care to pick up the boys, and here comes Logan up the stairs.  "Oh Mommy, I got your box!  It has chocolate.  Mommy the chocolate is for me and you!"  He quickly turned around and headed back down the stairs to his cubby to grab my present.  It was at this point he must have remembered that the gift was supposed to be for later because he decided then that I needed to wait to open it.

He managed to show restraint for about five minutes.  Until we were in the car.  Then he started trying to pull my present out and show me from the backseat what he had made.  And reminded me that the chocolate was for both of us.  I told him he would have to wait until we got home because I was driving and couldn't see him.  He was okay with that.

Until we got in the house.

Before I could even put my stuff down and hand Gavin off to Justin he was telling me, "Mommy, I put your present behind my back!  Mommy, close your eyes!  Mommy, sit down!"  In the few seconds it took me to drop everything and sit on the floor in front of the back door we had just entered Gavin had my green box out of the bag and was unwrapping a Hershey kiss to eat!

After getting that first piece of chocolate in his mouth he did proceed to show me the book mark he and Gavin had made for me.  His little fingerprints had been turned into flowers and Gavin's had been turned into bees.  (Well that explained the flowers and bees comment the day before!)  He also showed me the little green box (another mystery solved) full of chocolate - and even let me have one!

So, my kid doesn't do surprises, and yet, he never ceases to surprise me! 

And, if I was really clever, I would save this post for Mother's Day....but, hey, I stink at surprises too remember!


Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there!  May your children never stop surprising you and bringing you daily joy!

Yeah, Gavin had to get in on the action too!


  1. I loved reading this! Just exactly why I do this see (and hear about) the fun they have as a kid. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. LOL! Too funny Kass!!! U did keep a surprise bday party from ur best friend... I remeber it well, bc I was so upset you didn't tell me. U know how I hate surprises!