Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This Mama Knows

Yeah, that's right.  I won my own bet (except I didn't bet I guess).  I took Gavin to the doctor this afternoon and sure enough, he has not one ear infection, but a double ear infection.  And wheezing.  And a goobery nose and eyes, and an irritated throat.  My baby is sick. 

I'm not quite sure why I even had to take him to the doctor.  I knew he was wheezing yesterday and we started breathing treatments.  If I could prescribe antibiotics I would have done that yesterday too.  This mama knows when her babies are sick.  It may be because Logan had more ear infections than I can count on my fingers all in an 8 month period (he ended up with tubes).  And Gavin, at nine months old he's already trying to best his brother's record in that area.  I've done a lot of ear infections.  And the wheezing - I know what to listen for there too.  Probably because Logan got pneumonia when he was 6 months old and continued to have wheezing issues up until he was two.  And Gavin, he tries to get wheezy on me every time he's sick too.  (Dang sibling rivalry....)  Needless to say, I know wheezy.  This mama knows!

But I take my children to the doctor anyway...because someday there might be something I don't know (and I can't prescribe drugs).  But this time, thank God there's nothing out of the ordinary.  I can handle breathing treatments and force feeding antibiotics - I'm a pro at both.  I got this one.  Now if only Gavin would cooperate!

He pretty much hates breathing treatments...of course he might have hated it a lot less if I would have put down the camera and snuggled him....(don't worry, I did just that after I finished taking his picture).  Now if only I could get a picture of us force feeding him antibiotics - now that is a face worth capturing...unfortunately it takes two to stuff those icky drops down his throat leaving me without any free hands!

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