Saturday, July 2, 2011

U-Pick Blueberries

What does our family get up early to do on freakishly hot Saturday mornings?  That's right - we load up the car and drive to the blueberry patch for a morning of blueberry picking fun in the summer heat!  Yeah, we are already well aware of the fact that we are crazy...

We left the house shortly after eight this morning and drove to the blueberry patch a few miles west.  After picking up our buckets - even a small basket just Logan's size - we headed down to the blueberry patch.

Logan actually did help pick blueberries for quite awhile before he got bored with the whole process.  Then he switched to petting the local dog, digging in the dirt, and climging on timbers and bricks around the bushes.  Of course I have no pictures of these things (boo!) because I was busy picking blueberries...and carrying Gavin!

Now Gaivn on the other hand did not so quickly fall in love with blueberry picking.  At first I was carrying him the ring sling, but he quickly got fed up with that.  From there I tried sitting him in the grass by me while I picked berries, but it didn't take more than 15 minutes before he was done with that too! 

Now Gavin is not typically a crabby baby about anything so we thought we were going to have to give up and head home.  But...after giving him a glass of juice (which he downed) and cooling him off a little by dripping some water on his little head he was ready to go again.  Just proof that the little one doesn't like being hot or thirsty!  But then again...who does right?

From that point on Gavin really enjoyed the blueberry patch...of course I was carrying him (in my arms because he wasn't having anymore of the sling) and picking blueberries the rest of the time!  Much to my surprise Gavin did his fair share of blueberry picking too.  I realized that every time I leaned in to a bush to pick berries that Gavin would reach out and pluck off his own berry or two...and then eat them!  And when I did set him on the ground every once in awhile...he'd try to eat the blueberries - and dirt - laying there! 

After almost two hours of blueberry picking we had two very dirty, very tired boys...

...and we had five pounds of blueberries!

A morning well spent don't you think?

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  1. At least you went in the morning before the sun was overhead :) I've never been blueberry picking but we ALWAYS go strawberry picking! Lots of fun!