Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trees. Beautiful plants. Little cute babies.

So I'm sitting on my couch watching So You Think You Can Dance when I have this epiphany:  Tomorrow is Thursday and Thursday means You Capture over at I Should Be Folding Laundry.  I also realized that I couldn't even remember what the "assignment" for the week was.  I had completely and totally blew it off for the first time since I started doing You Capture in April!  (I am completely blaming this brain fart on the "fleatastrophy" going on in my home right now.)

I had two choices (okay, actually three, but I hate the idea of skipping a week for some reason).
  1. Drop the boys off at day care in the morning and try madly to find some good shots really quickly.
  2. Search my pictures from Thursday and Friday of last week (cuz I haven't taken any since then) and hope I've got some good ones that fit the bill.
I'm lazy.  I decided to go for option #2 first.

And, it just so happens that I got lucky...sort of...

Let's start with trees...and beautiful plants?
See the trees off to the side there...I think those should count!!!  And corn, I happen to think corn is a beautiful plant.  Serioulsy.  For 22 years I lived in Iowa surrounded by corn...I didn't think it was beautiful until I moved away.  I also didn't realize that corn has a smell that I happen to love after all.  There is not enough corn here in southern MO...I miss it.

Oh, and just in case you don't think corn counts as's a picture of a flower that grows in our backyard despite the fact (or maybe because of it???) that I do nothing to care for it and my dog tries to run it over.
I love this picture...though, umm, technically it doesn't meet the guidelines since I, umm, might have taken it on the 5th of July according to the date stamp.  Crap!  Moving on now...

Cute little babies!  I have a baby (ok, well, he's darn near a toddler now, but I refuse to accept this fact right now), and it just so happens that I adore taking pictures of said toddler baby.
Baby tushes are the cutest...especially in "blue jean" diapers that match baby blue eyes...  (I really wish I had the editing tools to do that thing where you turn all of the picture black and white except for the blue (like my technical terms???  Ha!)...must put that on the wish list!  (Oh, and maybe a dictionary so I know what stuff is actually called!))
And nothing is more fun than when your super cool aunt pulls you around the hard wood floor on a blanket.  In a blue jean diaper again of course.*

Now that I have successfully completed my homework for the week using only pictures from last Thursday ('cuz I haven't taken one since) I can now completely skip trying to take new pictures tomorrow.  I told you I was lazy!

Besides being lazy, I have also revealed that I know very little about editing (I like to blame this on the fact that I have not bothered to find do not have access to anything too fancy at this point).  But, on the bright side, I do think I'm getting much better at shooting in manual!  I've got a long ways to go yet, but I think I'm doing alright!

Thanks for stopping by today!  And if you're looking for more trees, beautiful plants, and little cute babies visit Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry! 

*Normally we use cloth diapers, but we were in Iowa visiting my parents and my mom wanted nothing to do with our cloth diapers (an unfortunate side effect from cloth diapers both me and my brother maybe???).  I figured if I had to use paper diapers they might as well be cute paper diapers...**

**This is where I should probably also add in that I don't cloth diaper for the environment (though I do consider it a perk); I cloth diaper because it is CHEAPER!!!!!  Okay, enough about diapers now...


  1. I grew up in IA too! I do not miss corn though - hee hee

  2. I'm not sure if it is so much the corn that I miss or just being close to my family. God knows while growing up I thought corn was horribly boring and couldn't wait to move far, far away! :D

  3. The third to last picture is a adorable! I love the picture of the flower. Great color.