Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jumping for Joy

Finally I have some time to share a few stories from our vacation! 

Vacation this year wasn't anything fancy, but it was just what we needed in a vacation this year.  We drove up to Iowa for my dad's 50th birthday party and spent a week hanging out with my family.  Because it is an eight hour drive my boys only get to see their grandparents every two months or so.  And, in the past year due to tight schedules and circumstances, it has probably been more like every three, or even four, months.  And trips never last more than two days - three tops.  It's been hard on my parents; it's been hard on the boys; it's been hard on me.  So, like I said, it wasn't a fancy vacation, but it was perfect.

We got on the road before seven in the morning which put us at my parent's front door before three giving Logan and Gavin plenty of time to settle into their surroundings.  And settle they did.

Gavin was more than happy to show his grandparents what kind of messes he can make with his food.  He was also happy to be stripped naked and crawl all over the house (no messes, thank God) trying to escape being redressed.  I have many pictures of this of course (why chase the child down and clothe him when it is more fun to take pictures), but I can't show them because he's, well, naked!  (I do fully intend to use them as blackmail someday though.)

Logan, my child who loves to mow, was more than happy to help Grandpa mow...from a distance.  It seems he doesn't like riding lawn mowers.  This doesn't shock me as he doesn't care for lound noises unless he is the one creating them.

My mom, who is always afraid the boys won't remember her or like her right away (especially Gavin as he is just a baby) had nothing to fear.  Logan about threw himself into her arms at first sight, and a couple of hours later found both boys cuddling up to her on the swing.

Gavin it seems adores rocks...especially putting them in his mouth!  And it took him no time at all to test his parents to see how much he could get away with at Grandma's house.  We knew he understood to stay away from the rocks when he took off crawling toward them, heard me say "no," and proceeded to crawl even faster to his "treasure."

And Logan the Daredevil made his appearance with his high flying leaps off the patio ledge.  And I, the camera wielding mother, encouraged this of course as it provided an excellent opportunity to work on my "action" shots.*

And all of that initial excitement left my boys tired...and cuddly.  I think this one might rank in my Top Ten Favorite Pictures from This Week.

Vacation Day One = HUGE Success!

*I tried shooting in manual, but couldn't quite get it right so switched to shutter priority.  Just one more thing to work on!  :D 

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  1. Glad to know everyone had a good time with family!

    LOVE the last pic! I have one like that with baby Clarke and Kevin (both sleeping). You will treasure that one later.