Thursday, July 28, 2011

You Capture ~ Fruit

Watermelon is the fruit of choice for my family in the summer.  And we all agree the best way to eat watermelon is straight off the rind.  Of course this is also the messiest way which means we take our big pan of watermelon outside where getting a little messy doesn't matter.

Logan will chow on watermelon until he is sick if I don't cut him off after so many pieces...

...and Gavin would eat the rind if I didn't take it away from him.

My boys both agree that watermelon is pretty tasty stuff.  Gavin even learned to climb stairs in order to get another piece for himself!

Eating watermelon in the evening on my shady front that's my idea of a perfect end to a summer day.

For more pictures of fruit head over to Beth's!


  1. Drippy watermelon chins are the best! So sweet and very summery!

  2. oh how cute - someone likes watermelon!

  3. Beautiful!!!!!!!! Love that first shot