Monday, September 19, 2011

101 posts

This is officially marks 101 posts.  Funny...when I started this blog this past spring I figured I would blog a little for a month and then forget it existed.  Turns out I like blogging.  It forces me to write down all of these memories right now instead of telling myself I'll get to it later (which almost never happens).

Of course, I only tend to blog when I have pictures to go with it (I lack faith in my ability to write interesting things) and since school has started back up again and therefore I'm taking fewer pictures...well, that means I'm blogging a lot less.  Boo!

But here I am...patting myself on the back for my measly 101 posts (I say measly and I mean measly - I've got nothing on most bloggers out there).

And I'm here making a promise to myself that I will take more pictures even though I'll be so much busier until June and that I will blog more regularly than I have been.

So...stay tuned...I promise there will be more coming soon!

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