Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let's Be Friends

This is Lucius:

Seven years ago we got him from one of my co-workers at Wal-Mart.  He was only four months old at the time, but quickly let us know of his two loves in life:  eating and sleeping.  He's particularly fond of sleeping in strange places

Of course in the past four years I have ruined his life not once, but twice.  Seems Lucius does not like babies...or children.  He keeps his distance from the boys at all times...almost.  Remember his fondness for sleeping in strange places?  Well, he's particularly fond of sleeping in car seats and will put up with a lot - even the boys - if it means he gets to continue sleeping in the car seat.


Lucius - curled up sleeping in the car seat complete unaware of the sneak attack being launched by Logan from behind...

Then there is contact.  Lucius glares, but holds his ground.  He's not giving up the coveted car seat!

Finally there is aquiesence as Lucius bares his belly to Logan.  Anything to continue sleeping in the car seat!  Logan is triumphant.  He believes he has made a friend!  He would be wrong, but oh well, he is happy for now. 

Yesterday I watched this exact same scene play out...this time with Gavin launching the sneak attack.


Once again we find Lucius curled up in an empty car seat.  Gavin approaches from the front (I'm not sure this is a sign of boldness or a lack of sneaky-ness (is that a word?)).  Lucius quickly realizes an attack is coming, but refuses to give up his spot.

There is much glaring as Gavin dares to pet him...maybe it is because Gavin is using my lens cap to pet him???

Then there is direct hand-to-fur contact.  Lucius glares, hisses, and gives up.  Gavin is victorious! 

See him delight in his victory?

Lucius gives him a sniff...and rolls himself back into a ball. 

Gavin, like Logan before him, believes he has made a friend. Gavin, like Logan before him, would be wrong.  See, even after four years, Lucius isn't a fan of babies or children...but who knows?  Maybe after a few more years my boys will wear him down and we'll all be friends.  Until then least I'll be able to take some funny pictures!

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