Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Holiday Weekend

Long weekends are amazing.  I happen to think all weekends should be long weekends.  I'm almost sure there are enough holidays to make every weekend a long weekend, and if not, well we can just make some up right? 


Ok, maybe not, but it is a nice thought.

We didn't do much special this weekend.  We took a road trip to Springfield Friday night to pick up Gavin's pictures from Sears.  While there we did some "window" shopping which lead to Gavin purchasing this new friend:
I have never in Gavin's one year witnessed him get so excited about a toy.  We passed these baby pillow pets (they have a name for them, but it eludes me right now), and he was instantly in love.  He insisted we buy it for him straight away by squealing and repeatedly hugging the stuffing out of the thing.  And really, he did buy it.  With his very own birthday money and everything (Thanks Mimi).  I'm just happy he picked the monkey because I'm always calling him my monkey.  It was fate I tell you!
  Just had to add one more picture of my monkey with his monkey...

On Saturday it was hot.  Not unbearably hot, but 90s hot.  Justin and I decided the boys needed to squeeze in one last swim before summer officially flew the coop for the year.  They didn't mind at all.

Sunday brought us GORGEOUS 70 degree weather and found us keeping up our usual traditions:  church followed by lunch at Mimi and Papa's.  Later we were able to sneak in a nice long walk before dinner.  That evening we opened all the windows and let the warm breeze blow in.  It was so nice to have fresh air in the house again!

On Monday - the actual holiday - it was back to business.  I did a zillion loads of laundry while Justin graded papers.  In the between time I finished putting together the play room...
...and I was able to release all of our bedding from the garbage sacks in the garage (they've been there for safe keeping since The Great Fleatastrophy).

Bedrooms look so much better with comforters and such...though in this picture I didn't have it all washed, dried, and back in place yet.

Best part of the weekend for me (and probably Justin too though I wouldn't presume to speak for him (oh nevermind, yes I would!)):  Lots of great weather and good family time.

Best part of the weekend for my boys:  Hands down it was the play room.  Logan will even tell you so.  Gavin will too if you speak dolphin (that's exactly what his high pitched squeals sound like - dolphins).  See for yourself:

If that isn't pure joy than I don't know what is!  Happy Labor Day everyone!  Hope all of your weekends were as good as ours!

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