Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Resourceful? Maybe not so much...

I know I said I was resourceful, but I lied.  Last night I was not resourceful.  After working late and not getting to the day care to pick up the boys until almost five (hey - no judging!  I'm a teacher and used to being off at 3:30!), I had zero energy for cooking, cleaning, or entertaining.  Not to mention both boys were filthy (nice weather + playing outside = filthy) and I shuddered at the thought of them running around a house I had just cleaned and was hoping not to have to clean for at least another day.

So...we went to McDonalds.  Hey - it was Tuesday which means cheap happy meals and a semi-decent playground.  And of course things didn't go smoothly...

I tried to carry our tray of food and Gavin (which I've successfully done way too many times before)...and dropped it!  Thank goodness happy meals come in cardboard boxes and sandwiches are wrapped so all I lost was a few french fries...and my soda.  'Course the nice employee that got stuck cleaning up my mess gave me a new cup so I still got my Dr. Pepper fix.

Oh, and this whole incident was witnessed by a former student of mine who was nice enough to carry re-assembled tray of food into the playroom for me while I replaced my drink.  Ugh...embarrassing...

Then Logan wouldn't behave.  He kept chasing another little boy all around the "eating area" after I repeatedly told him no running, and then I caught him trying to put that same child in a head lock.  (Where does he learn this stuff?)  I hauled him over to the table, put him in "time out," and made him finishing eating his chicken nuggets and drink his milk.  It was probably the best time out he's every had...sheesh!

Oh, and Gavin...he didn't much want to eat which is unheard of.  I think his cold is starting to wear him down.  And because it was an impromptu trip I didn't have a sippy cup and he can't drink from a straw yet.  So he was thirsty!  I got inventive with a straw finally and was able to "straw feed" him sips of milk (chocolate milk because that was what I was given on accident and I was too far past caring enough to go switch it).

Does this mean I can keep my self appointed title of "semi-resourceful" after all?

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