Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The First Day

School was officially back in session today, and for the first time Logan was a participant.  He proudly - and completely with out fear - headed off to Pre-K today.

I walked him to his classroom where he promptly ditched me in order to show his teacher his Lightning McQueen eraser and pick out his favorite color of playdough.  There was no looking back for Logan; he was ready to jump right in.  I, on the other hand, was not so much ready to let go...but I did.  I gave him a hug, said good-bye, and left the room.  And I didn't even cry!  But I wanted to.

I spent my entire morning a little distracted - not the best thing to be when it is the first day of school and your classes are loaded with high school students, but oh well.  At 11:00 I knew that Pre-K was over, and I started waiting for the text from his baby-sitter letting me know he had gotten off the bus at her house.  It came along with some pretty sweet pictures.

I couldn't wait to get off work and go pick up my boys so I could have Logan tell me all about his day.  And a pretty incredible day it was for a four-year-old boy!  He got to eat a strawberry pop-tart, banana, and milk for breakfast; play outside on the train and hippopotamus toys, use play-dough, color a picture, use the cool school potty (he thought this was a high light - really!), and play with Miss B in her purple shirt and pony tail (he must have really liked that shirt and pony tail to comment on it).  Best of all, he finally got to ride the school bus!  He's been wanting to do that for months now!

Logan told me when we got home this afternoon that he couldn't wait to go to sleep so he could go to school again in the morning.  I think he likes it!  So off we'll go again tomorrow.  I already can't wait to here the stories that will come after!

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