Thursday, August 4, 2011

Snip! Snip!

This is what Gavin's hair looked like this morning... was very, very long.  Justin has been begging me to get Gavin's hair cut for months now, but I just couldn't do it!

Finally though I had to agree that it was time to cut Gavin's hair.  It was so long it was hanging in his eyes, covering his ears, and worst of was starting to resemble a mullet cut.  I don't allow mullets.* 

Today was the big day.

And Gavin was amazing!  He sat very still (well, very still for an eleven month old anyway) and didn't fuss at all.  Of course both of those phenomenon might have been the result of us giving him his very first cherry flavored sucker...  (No, I'm not above bribing my children with sweets!)

And the result...I think it turned out pretty awesome!

You can even see his red stained tongue and bottom lip...he really loved that sucker!

So there you have it:  The First Haircut.  Just more proof that my baby is growing up!

*Maybe someday I'll show you why I feel this way...the answer lies in way to many childhood photos...  Don't count on it is just too embarrassing.


  1. Poor mommy! He finally lost those baby curls. But I bet Justin is loving it.