Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a sharing experience

I grew up with two siblings and my own room.  All three of us had our own rooms in fact.  I liked having my own room.  You would think this would mean that it would be important to me that my boys each have their own rooms always (after all we have a three bedroom house - plenty of room to make this  continue to happen), but, ummm, not so much.  See, I may be acting a little selfish here, but I have to admit, I just can't take the toys anymore.  They are everywhere!  I have decided the only way to fight back is to put both boys in one room to sleep and throw place all of their toys in the other room and close the door neatly.

In my defense, I did not immediately respond to the growing toys-all-over-my-house crisis with such a drastic, life-altering decision.  First I tried very hard to keep toys neatly separated into the "correct" room.  That lasted all of about two seconds.

Then I thought that maybe I could get away with donating all of their toys, but quickly realized that, ummm, wasn't really an option.

So, finally, I decided to give this room sharing/play room thing a try.  I have a couple of friends whose boys share rooms and it seems to work really well for them, so I thought it was worth the risk.  For some reason (actually I know the reason, but it an entirely different story) I was incredibly motivated to combine the boys' rooms this evening.  Pretty crazy of me since this required moving heavy furniture and Justin was not going to be home until late tonight, but I did it anyway.  And now, my boys are tucked in sleeping peacefully in their new shared room.

Maybe a year from now we'll be buying bunk-beds.  Then again, maybe our boys will be sleeping soundly in their own bedrooms once more.  Who knows???

P.S.  The bedroom may look nice, but the new playroom looks like this:

P.P.S.  Oh, and my living room and hallway look like this...

P.P.P.S.  Any volunteers to help clean up????  Pretty please????  With sugar on top????

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  1. LOL Kass! I'm glad I'm not alone in the motivation to move things at the WORST time. I seem to get this thought that it needs to be done... and I do it, ALWAYS w/o help bc I choose to do it when Kevin is working.
    Anyways, we also have a toyroom. It is usually messy and then I can't stand it anymore and we spend an hour each week picking it up. But I have developed a new method, that makes it less messy. The boxed shelf you have...go buy a labelmaker (from walmart) and start printing! You will have a cubby for each kind of toy and then when the room is so messy you can't walk through it. Each toy has a home, it just needs to be put there. :D (I'll share a few of our labels: toy story, blocks, legos, balls, Cars, trains and trucks, handy manny, tinkertoys.)
    We have bunkbeds and although sometimes the boys hate them, it works well to have them in the same room and a seperate room to send them to play.