Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Capture ~ Ordinary Moments feels good to be doing You Capture again this week!  I missed it last week (I don't think I took one single picture that week!) which kind of bummed me out, but here I am again!  There's been lots of picture taking going on this week, but not so much of it ordinary moments!  We've been having a pretty busy week:  family visits, birthday parties, school.  Lucky for me I knew exactly what pictures I was going to use for this week when I took them last Thursday - the only ordinary day we've had this week!

See, Gavin really likes water.  He likes to play in it.  Even if it is just the dog's water bowl...

He splashes in it.  And dumps it out of course!

The best part about the dog bowl?  It is made out of shiny metal which means once all the water is gone it can be used as a mirror to admire one's reflection in.

And Gavin, he likes his reflection almost as much as he likes playing in the water!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Capturing everyone!


  1. What adorable & sweet pictures! My oldest son loved doing the very same thing, and still has an affinity for water.

  2. Great Photos! And what a little cutie! :)

  3. These are just precious! I love the whole series.

  4. Aww! Sweet photos! I always love taking photos of day to day life. They're always the ones I like best.