Friday, August 12, 2011

An Afternoon Splash

Remember back in April when I told you that my backyard floods when it rains?  Well today was no exception.  A thunderstorm blew in - and out - rather quickly late this afternoon, dumped a ton of rain, and, of course, left our yard completely flooded.  For the first time ever we let Logan take advantage of this temporary "in ground" swimming pool.

He was cautious at first; like he couldn't quite believe we were letting him do this.

But it didn't take long before he was running!

The water gets surprisingly deep in a couple of areas, but Logan has no fear.  He runs straight in.

After awhile he decided swimming is much more fun if there are toys to play with.  Logan had a great time throwing Bram's dog toys into the puddle, and eventually he started driving his tractors and lawn mower through the water too!

Even four year old boys wear out eventually, and Logan had no problem resting in a large puddle.

This particular activity was so much fun for everyone that I think we may have to make it a rainy day tradition.  I don't think we'll get any complaints from this little boy!

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