Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Story of Gavin ~ Part II

(If you need to catch up Part I of the story can be found here!)

I was scheduled to check into the hospital at 5 a.m. for my induction, and though the paper work was signed, I was dressed in my fashionable (ha!) hospital gown, and hooked to my IV by 6, we had to wait until the doctor showed up after 7 to start the pitocin drip.  Lucky me though...the monitor was showing that I was already having small, but regular contractions! 

Dr. H. arrived shortly after 7, ordered my pitocin drip, and warned me that it could be the next morning before I delivered Gavin.  Justin had to slip off to work at this point to get a few things done before he was off for a few days, and by the time he returned at 9 I was feeling very uncomfortable.  At this point I was allowed to get up and take a walk...which felt wonderful after having been confined to bed the entire time I was in labor with Logan!  Walking helped make the contractions more bareable.  When we got back to the room I was able to relax a little.  To pass the time Justin ordered the book Shit My Father Said on his Nook and read to me.  We laughed like crazy, but after an hour the contractions began to intensify again, and it became hard to concentrate.

Around 11 I got to get up and walk around again.  This time the walk was not fun.  It seemed to only make everything worse.  I had to stop frequently to ride out contractions before I could continue walking.  Once we made it back to the room I chose to continue standing instead of laying back in the bed - I just couldn't stand the idea of laying down at that point.  Around 1 the nurse asked me if I would like to try some IV pain medication, but knowing I would be limited on how many times I could have it and not knowing how long until I would be able to get my epidural (I was only at 3 cm), I chose to pass at that time.  Dr. H. came in shortly before 2, checked me, was extremely pleased with my progress, and ordered the epidural! 

I had forgotten how awful getting and epidural is (or maybe I just didn't feel it with Logan?), but when it was all finished and both sides finally went numb (my left side took a little longer than my right) I was ready to settle down and get some sleep!  At this point Justin decided to take the opportunity to get some lunch and feed our cats (who knew when another opportunity would come around) and I dozed off.  Shortly after that I was woken up by the nurse telling me to roll onto my left side while she put an oxygen mask on me.  The doctor flew in shortly after and they quickly began discussing what to do.  I knew then that something was wrong.

I remember hearing them talk about my contractions and that they were too strong and too close together; that Gavin's heart beat was dropping rapidly every time.  I was given medication to stop the contractions, but it barely affected them.  The OR was called and prepped.  My nurses changed into their surgical scrubs.  I was prepped for surgery.  Everyone was ready to move at a moments notice.  In the middle of this Justin returned (he'd only been gone half an hour); he was shocked to see what was happening so suddenly.  He held my hand and watched the monitors with Dr. H and my nurses.  The one thing I remember the most clearly throughout was how calm I felt - like I knew that no matter what everything was going to be ok.  And, eventually, things did seem to settle down though Gavin and I weren't in the clear yet.

My two nurses and doctor stayed in my room until 4.  At this point I remember turning to my nurse, Connie, and telling her that I felt like I needed to pee which I though was weird since, well, you know...  She quickly checked me and announced that I was officially full dialated!

Pushing was more difficult with Gavin.  I had had my epidural so recently that it was still very effective which is great for pain management, but not so much for pushing.  I couldn't feel my contractions at all and couldn't seem to make my muscles cooperate.  Finally after about 15 minutes I got it "figured out."  10 minutes later, at 4:26 p.m. after a mere 9 hours of labor, I delivered Gavin Douglas.  All 7 pounds, 3 ounces, and 22 inches of him!

He was immediately laid on my belly while they wiped him down and cut the cord (Justin refused to do it this time too!).  I was able to be the first to hold him in my arms, and he fit so perfectly!  It was a beautiful, memorable moment.  One I'll never forget.

I can't believe all of this happened just one year ago today.  Happy Birthday, Gavin!  It's been a beautiful year!

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