Monday, August 29, 2011

Gavin ~ One Year Old

The past month has brought a few changes for Gavin...

At his well-baby check last week Gavin weighed in at 18 lbs and 14 oz, and he measured 29 inches tall.  He now has eight teeth (all four front teeth on top and bottom), and the gap between his two front teeth is just too cute!  He also got his first haircut just a few weeks ago (though I wouldn't let her do more than trim it so it wasn't hanging in his eyes anymore).  Gavin is still a speedy and daring crawler, but now he's also started to look into this whole walking thing.  In the past two weeks he has started cruising along our furniture!

Gavin is completely off formula now (though I did just find some bags of frozen breast milk in the back of the freezer...oops!) and completely off bottles (Yay!).  He's a champion when it comes to drinking from a sippy cup, and we've started working with him a little on drinking from a regular cup now too.  As far as food in concerned, Gavin has a big sweet tooth.  He loves all things chocolate and ice cream!  Along with his love of dessert he has also discovered a love of cantaloupe and apple slices.  Overall he is a great eater and willing to eat anything (including the cat food - gross!).

My sleeping champion continues to be excellent in this area!  He still goes to bed around 6:30 and sleeps for 11-12 hours straight.  When he wakes up in the morning he's pretty content to hang out in his crib with his pacifier, blankies, and stuffed animals for awhile (cutest thing ever to listen to!).  Gavin is slowly dropping his morning nap.  If he does take an a.m. nap it is a short one (30-45 minutes), but most mornings now he doesn't take one at all.  This just means that by 11:30-12:00 he is ready for his afternoon nap which can last a good two hours.

One of my favorite things is to watch Gavin discover things he likes.  For instance, he loves being outside where he can throw and roll balls, pop the bubbles Logan blows for him, eat play with sand in the sandbox, and dump our dog's water bowl.  He also loves playing with Logan's cars and trains, the kitchen set in Logan's room, taking baths, and snuggling with his blankies.  And his favorite thing right now?  It is making high pitched, ear-splitting, dolphin-esque squeals back and forth with his brother while riding in the car (this one would not be so enjoyable for me however).

Gavin really only has one big dislike right now and that is the word "no."  He's figured out what it means (though he typically just smiles at you and goes right on doing whatever) and gets very upset when it is used (and consequently he is removed from whatever activity he was trying out).  He is still - more often than not anyway - a very calm and easygoing baby toddler. 

Ohhh, it is so hard to acknowledge and call Gavin a toddler now!  But he is and even I have to admit that while I'm going to miss his baby days, these toddler days are going to be equally - if not more - amazing!

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