Monday, August 15, 2011

The Story of Gavin ~ Part I

Gavin is turning one year old this week so I thought I'd take some time to write out his story this week.  I'm not going to spend any time on the story of his creation except to say that he was planned!  End of story there!

My pregnancy with Gavin was different than my pregnancy with Logan simply because it went so much more smoothly.  We knew what to expect so there were no unsettling surprises this time around!

I had my first doctor's appointment with the nurse practitioner when I was around eight weeks pregnant.  After that I was scheduled for my first appointment with my OB and my first ultrasound at twelve weeks pregnant.  My twelve week appointment went very smoothly, and it was amazing to get to hear Gavin's heartbeat and see his tiny little body swimming around on the ultrasound!  It was also at this time that we started talking to Logan about my pregnancy and his new brother (or sister - we didn't know Gavin was a "he" at that time!). 

16 weeks

The second trimester went along very easily and very quickly.  The only problem I had throughout this stage was that I got a stomach flu and ended up in the emergency room all night for dehydration...ugh. 

At my twenty week doctor's appointment I was scheduled for a diagnostic ultrasound in order to get base measurements of our baby (these would be used in the future to monitor growth and development through my third trimester because of my history of preclampsia).  We also learned that our baby was a boy!

25 weeks

My third trimester began just as school was letting out for the the summer.  It really was perfect timing because I was able to take it easy and rest as much as necessary during this time.  My doctor and I agreed that this was what allowed me to carry Gavin longer and with fewer complications during this stage of my pregnancy.  I still had to go in weekly for NSTs at this point and also had to have another diagnostic ultrasound, but the results were almost always good.

I have to say my third trimester with Gavin turned out to be my favorite.  I loved watching my belly grow larger.  Plus, Gavin was a very active little baby.  I could sit in a chair and just watch my belly move with each of his kicks and rolls.   

29 weeks

At the beginning of August I started to have braxton hicks contractions.  I hadn't experienced these with Logan so I was a little shocked.  There was more than one night that I was sure I was in labor only to have it all end a couple of hours later!  At this point I had so much hope that I would be able to carry Gavin to full term and even (hopefully) go into labor on my own.

36 weeks

At thirty-seven weeks my blood pressure began to elevate and I started to show my first symptoms of preeclampsia.  I had to start going to the hospital twice a week to be monitored on the labor and delivery floor, and I was put on light activity (no big deal...I was already only doing light activity).   I went in for my last appointment on Friday of my thirty-eigth week.  Because I was going to be thirty-nine weeks in two days and my symptoms were a cause for some concern, the doctor me for an induction on the following Monday morning. 

Justin and I spent Saturday and Sunday with Logan enjoying our last few days as a family of three, but so excited to become a family of four.  Sunday night we dropped Logan off with his Mimi and went home to get our last full night of sleep (well, almost...we had to be up at four the next morning).

39 weeks...only hours before the induction!!!

My pregnancy with Gavin was beautiful and amazing, but I was ready for it to be over.  I was ready to meet the tiny little boy I had been carrying around for nine months.


  1. LOL! you make this all sound... Like you were walking on clouds the entire time. Glad it all turned out alright. You have 2 cute little boys to show for it!

  2. Looking back it seems like it was that easy (and it was compared to my first preganancy), but I'm pretty sure selective memory has something to do with it! :D