Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Pumpkin Patch Visit

I think this may be like the 3rd year I've taken the boys to the Gunter Farms pumpking patch.  It's always a hit with Logan (and now Gavin) because they don't just offer pumpkins there, they offer a wide variety of different activities.

First, there are the games.  While they are pretty much the same every year, they are always a hit!

Like the ring toss...

...and bowling for milk bottles...

...and toss the apples!

Along with games, they have fun things to climb in and on!

There's the large pool of corn!

There was also a new attraction this year: the slide...

Complete with rock wall to climb to the top!

They've got another cool climbing opportunity: the rope ladder!  (Gavin had no interest in trying this one thank God!)

Luckily, there was the "tractor" outside to keep Gavin busy!

Another cool thing about this particular pumpkin patch?  It's a dairy farm, too, so there are mama cows!  And babies!  And they let you TOUCH them!

Of course there are mazes, too.  First, a little straw bale maze for the kiddos...

Logan was so fast this year I didn't have a chance to snap a picutre!  Gavin did about half of it before he got turned around and ended up working his way back out the same way he went in - not bad for a two year old in my opinion!

Normally, they would have to corn mazes - one small and one big - to go with the straw bale maze, but the drought really did a number on the crop this year.  To compensate, they created a hay bale maze that, I must say, was just as fun!

This year there was a surprise at the end of the maze:  a goat!  A stubborn goat who was too busy eating to look up for my camera!  They boys were in love and talked of bringing Mr. Baby Goat home!

Finally, after all that fun we made it to the pumpkin "patch" (all pre-picked pumpkins at this farm).

And last, but not least, there was the hayride.  No visit to the pumpkin patch can be comlete with out a hayride!

I brought home two very dirty and satisfied little boys - they had a blast!  And that is why we keep going back to this particular pumpkin farm every year!

Happy fall everyone!  And Happy Halloween!

From my family to all of you!

P.S.  This post proves that I'm working on Goal #12!

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