Monday, October 29, 2012

Gifts ~ The People Edition

People are pretty awesome gifts.  They bring all kinds of experiences and blessings to one's life.  These people - my family - have had some of the biggest impacts on my life...probably because I've known them so long!  So, here they are, mostly in the order I met them!

31. Mom (Barbara)
32. Dad (John)
33. Adam (brother)
34. Dannielle (sister)
35. Justin
36.  Katie (sister-in-law)
That's her behind the camera.  Clearly I need to get more pictures of my family members!
37.  Nicholas (nephew)
38.  Lilly (niece)
39.  April (mother-in-law)
40.  Phil (father-in-law)
You know the only sad thing about doing a people edition?  It's learning that I rarely take pictures of people besides my boys!  Seriously, for some of these pictures I had to go back to folders from last year!  There's a goal for the next few months:  take more pictures of my family!

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