Friday, December 28, 2012

Continuing the fun at Gigi's house...

We always end up at Gigi and Papa's house for a big Christmas dinner.  These are Justin's grandparents, so we share our meal with not only Gigi and Papa, but also Mimi and Papa and Justin's Aunt Holly, her husband, Mike, and their son, Spencer.  It is always a pretty good time, and this year was no exception!

I love Gigi's house because she always decorates so beautifully - it just feels like Christmas in her house!  And this year it smelled like Christmas thanks to a pine fresh candle.  Seriously, her house comes straight out of a magazine - I swear!

Spencer is quite a bit older than Logan, but he's still pretty great about including Logan in whatever he's doing.  This year Spencer got some new X-Box games and had brought them over to play.  He was great about handing over a controller and letting both boys get in on the action.

Of course there was also Molly to play with (see previous post - just scroll on down).  And Logan brought his dinosaurs over to the house with him, so those kept the boys pretty busy.  Particularly Gavin.

After a scrumptious ham dinner in which Logan barely ate and Gavin ate his weight in pineapple, it was time for just a few more presents.  Logan and Gavin had the routine down by this round.  They were both excited to help pass out presents.  Holly read names to them, and they did the running.

Presents were pretty simple and full of fun.  They included a few coloring books, some more dinosaurs, and a couple of cars.  There was even a puzzle and a Spiderman action figure.

Best part of unwrapping presents at Gigi's house is...BOWS!

It was a pretty fantastic visit to Gigi's:  good people, good food, and of course, good gifts, too!  I love my family!  I never cease to feel blessed to have them in my lives, to be able to spend holidays - especially special ones like Christmas - with them!

Gift #132 - the smell of Christmas from a pine scented candle burning
Gift #133 - a delicious Christmas dinner shared with family
Gift #134 - pretty packages wrapped up with shiny paper and curly ribbons
Gift #135 - loving and generous grandparent-in-laws and great-grandparents

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