Sunday, December 23, 2012

Deck the Halls!

Really, this post is coming a bit incredibly late.  Justin put up our big Christmas tree while the boys and I were in Iowa with my family for Thanksgiving.  But, he saved the best part - the decorating - for when we arrived back home.

We had promised Logan that he could help decorate our big Christmas tree before we left for Iowa, and he periodically checked with me throughout our visit to make sure that "Daddy didn't decorate the tree with out him." Even when he talked to Justin on the phone on Thanksgiving day, he made sure to remind Justin not to decorate the tree with out him!

When we arrived home that Saturday evening Logan was excited to see the tree up and lit...but not decorated. It was 5:30 and we were coming off a seven hour trip, but he probably didn't make it ten minutes before he began asking when we would get out the decorations so that he could finally decorate our big Christmas tree!

While Justin snuggled, hugged, and talked to the boys, I, weary from a long car ride, began hauling in the boxes of tree decorations. Truth was, I may have been tired after a long drive, but I was more than ready to watch my boys fill with joy and excitement while they helped their dad decorate our tree!

Justin gave Logan and Gavin their first job: hang the burgundy balls on the tree. Logan took off like a rocket, hanging as many ornaments on the tree as quickly as he could get his little hands on them. Gavin hung back and watched for a few minutes before he, too, decided to get in on the action. Justin directed the boys to spread the ornaments out as much as they could - and they didn't do a half a bad job considering the two of them can reach above about the bottom third of the tree!

At that point, I gathered up my purse and headed out to collect Chinese take-out for dinner from our favorite little restaurant.  Turns out they were swamped that night, and I spent a good half an hour waiting for our food, but the food is well worth it.  When I got back home, my boys had finished helping their dad decorate the tree, and it looked gorgeous!  And with that, our house was finally ready for Christmas!

Gift #110 - little hands carefully placing ornaments
Gift #111 - sitting back and taking in the beauty created by loving hands

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