Friday, December 28, 2012

To Mimi's House We Go!

One of the best things about Christmas is getting to spend it with family.  Shortly after the festivities were over at our house, we packed up and headed to Mimi and Papa's (Justin's parent's) house.  There the boys got some time to celebrate - and open more presents - with their grandparents.

Before it was time to open a few gifts though, both boys had to make a stop at the piano and bang out some "Christmas tunes" for us...

While they enterained themselves at the piano, us "grown-ups" gathered around in the kitchen for coffee and more of my cinnamon roll casserole.  It wasn't long before Logan was begging to open presents though!

Again, Logan wanted Justin to be the first to open a present...but only because the bag the gift was wrapped in said "coal" on it and he wanted to see Daddy open coal for Christmas!

Turns out there was no coal in this bag, but there was a very nice set of new tent pegs!  At this point, we decided to pass out all of the presents before trying to open any more.  Logan and Gavin were very helpful to Mimi and Papa.  Logan did his best to read names and pass out, and Mimi or Papa would hand a gift to Gavin and tell him where to take it.  Both boys thought this was a pretty fun game!

The boys had quite a few BIG boxes to open!  Logan had no trouble tearing into his gifts, but Gavin still needed some help getting started on each one.  While everyone else opened, I manned the camera and assisted Gavin.

Turns out the boys have pretty awesome - and generous - grandparents!  They ended up with cars and a cool mat to play with those cars on...

And there were dinosaurs!  Real-life looking dinosaurs...and funny ones with eyes that popped out when you squeezed them!

Then there was a large, colorful fish pillow for each boy, and Gavin found himself the new owner of some monkey-themed cuddles!

There were also puzzles for Gavin and Logan and a new game called Pallina.

Justin and I got some pretty great gifts, too.  Aside from the tent pegs, Justin ended up with a dip station (exercise equipment) and a gift card.  I got some comfy pj's, fuzzy slippers, and my favorite, a gold necklace with a cross on it.

Mimi and Papa got to open some pretty great gifts, too!  Papa got a new hunting chair that Gavin was ready to claim as his own!

In fact, Gavin loved Papa's new hunting chair so much that when it was time to pack up and head over to Gigi's house for Christmas dinner, he tried to take the chair with him!  He stood up, figured out how to fold that little chair right back up, and headed towards the door with it!  Luckily it didn't take much and resulted in no fit throwing when we convinced him to leave it at Mimi's house. 

It was a quick stop at Mimi and Papa's house really, but it was a fun one.  It was a wonderful reminder of how blessed I have been to marry into such an amazing family and how blessed my boys are to have such loving and fun grandparents!

Gift #129 - family that lives close by
Gift #130 - the smell of freshly brewed coffee
Gift #131 - loving and generous in-laws and grandparents

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