Monday, December 10, 2012

How to spend a rainy afternoon

Saturday could have been a disaster.  I was zonked still from a work Christmas party the night before.   Justin was at the movie theater for an all day marathon showing of the three Lord of the Rings movies (directors cut, may I add).  Oh, and it was rainy.  And cold. 

But, I am a creative genius.  Or maybe just crazy.  Logan and I have been reading the book Nicholas St. North and the Nightmare King which happens to be the book the new movie Rise of the Guardians is based on.  In a stroke of genius (or craziness) I decided that the three of us (me, my five year old, and my TWO year old) would go to the movies.  Logan was on board, and Gavin was agreeable enough after I mentioned the word "popcorn." 

The movie was at 1:50, but we arrived at the theater at 1:10.  You might be thinking that was a little crazy of me to get there so early, but I had a plan.  I bought popcorn and a drink, and we headed into the theater where my two little boys got to pick any seat their little hearts desired (because of course we were the only ones there at that point).  I got them settle into seats (with me in between cuz there was no way I was letting those two sit next to each other) and started passing around the popcorn.  While scarfing down popcorn and chugging my soda (oh well) we watched those not-so-entertaining screen shows they run before a movie starts.  Hey, the boys thought they were great so who am I to complain?  And, by the time the movie started, they were done with popcorn and my soda was drained dry.  Just like I planned.  And boy was I glad I did it that way when half way through the movie I heard the thump and slosh of a spilled soda and a desperate mother trying to calm a very upset child!  (See, I am a genius!)

I didn't limit my kids to the seats either before the movie.  I let them move around and check out the theater a little, so by the time the movie did start they were ready to sit still and watch.  Yes, even Gavin, my two year old!  Logan sat next to me in his seat the entire time without making hardly a peep.  Gavin ended up crawling into my lap and lodging himself there for the duration of the movie, but guess what?  He didn't make a peep either!  Both boys just sat in awe watching the movie.  And, you know what, so did I!  I thought it was a sweet and funny movie with a heartwarming message about life and faith and purpose.  When it was over, Logan asked if we could go see it again!

Going to the movies seemed like the perfect way to spend a dreary afternoon with my boys.  I not only got to share a fun movie with the both of them, but I also got to witness Gavin experiencing his very first movie theater movie!  Talk about turning a could-be-disaster of a day into an awesome, fun experience for all of us!

P.S.  Oh, and I now get to cross off Goal #12!

Gift #104 - buttery movie theater popcorn
Gift #105 - snuggling my little one in a dark movie theater
Gift #106 - Seeing the delight on my Logan's face as he watches a movie on the big screen

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