Thursday, December 6, 2012

Couch to 5k ~ Take 3? or 4? or 5?

Really, I should probably just cut straight to it and title this post "Couch to 5k ~ Take 500" since the number 500 is probably closer to the actual number of times I have started (and quit) a running program over the past five plus years.  But regardless of the number of failed attempts at running I have in my past, I am here, vowing to try it once again.  Because really, I do like running!  I swear I do!  At least once I get about ten minutes into it I do...

And there's the kicker.  I do like running, but only after I've gotten started on an actual run.  I do not anticipate going on a run.  I do not get excited about going on a run.  In fact, I get darn right crabby about it and dread sinks in.  I get so crabby in fact that I try very hard to come up with all sorts of reasons not to run (and I can be very successful). 

I don't like running until I'm a good ten minutes into a run (sometimes not until I've made it well past the first mile).  It's only then that I finally feel good.  That's the moment when I really start to enjoy myself.  My muscles have loosened up, and I've found my stride.  In fact, at that point I like running so much that I could even do it with out music!  (I know because I have been in the middle of numerous runs and had my iPod die because I forgot to make sure it was fully charged.)

Generally, after I have finished a run, I love running even more!  I mean first, the job is done so Yay!  And second, I generally feel awesome after I've finished a good run!  At that moment I can't wait for the next run.  Unfortunetly, that feeling quickly wears off.

Basically, I have a love/hate relationship with running.  I love it while I'm doing it and when I'm done.  I hate it the rest of the time.  That makes it kind of hard for me to motivate myself to keep at it since getting started is the most important part!  That's why I have started (and quit) running 500 times. 

Okay, long winded explanation over.  The point is that I have started running again (on Tuesday in fact).  And I really, really want to stick to it this time for a lot of reasons.  Mainly, I just want to be healthy, and I see running as a fun and effective way to do that!  So wish me luck because here I go - again!

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