Monday, December 10, 2012

You Capture ~ Light

I'm learning to take pictures using just natural light.  I really, really need to get a tripod.  Since I don't have one right now though, I had to make do.  And honestly, I'm pretty happy with they way these pictures turned out!

I love everything about this picture except for that crazy green glare by the shepherd's staff.  Anyone know how to keep that from happening?

The true light of the world...

That's it for me!  For more "light" visit I Should Be Folding Laundry!

P.S.  And with this post I have successfully completed Goal #90!

Gift #108 - the soft glow of a candle
Gift #109 - the twinkle of lights on a Christmas tree


  1. Great pictures! I really should figure out how to do this...

  2. Your nativity is gorgeous. Gorgeous!

  3. Oh, what a stunning nativity scene.
    So, so pretty with the soft light around it.

  4. Lovely photos!! I am not sure how to stop that from happening, but I would photo shop it out;)

  5. Just a thought - I think for my camera the green light is from the red-eye reduction. Maybe that's true on your camera as well? I know I can turn that off on my camera although most times I forget it's even there. :)