Thursday, December 27, 2012

unwrapping the fun

I don't really know where to begin.  I have so many pictures and so many stories from Christmas day!  On Christmas Eve we attended our church's evening service.  When we got home, Logan put out cookies for Santa and Rudolph and then insisted I write a note to Santa explaining that the peanut butter cookie was for Rudolph.

After that we tucked our little boys into bed and fully expected them wide awake by 5:00 a.m. - after all, they had been up that early for the past four days!  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up at 6:55 and the boys were still asleep!  Talk about the best Christmas present ever for a couple of parents!  Instead of continuing to lounge in bed, I got up and put the finishing touches on our cinnamon roll casserole and started drinking the coffee I knew I'd need to keep going all day long!

It wasn't long after that when I heard Gavin up and kicking (literally kicking the wall).  Not too long after that Logan was up, too.  Gavin didn't think much of stockings, but Logan was excited to dig into his sock full of treasures!

After Logan finished with his stocking he was ready to drag Justin out of bed and start on presents.  I deterred him for awhile with breakfast giving Justin a few extra minutes of sleep!

In order to get Gavin interested in his stocking, I had to finally just dump it out for him.  Then he caught on to what was going on and got excited about his little trove of treasures!

Then it was time for presents!  Logan got Justin out of bed and he joined us in the living room.  I thought for sure Logan would want to start opening his presents first, but as usual, he surprised me.  The first present he wanted opened wasn't one of his own, but the one we had bought and wrapped for Justin.  He was adamant that Daddy get to open his present first because Logan so wanted to see if Justin liked what we had gotten him!  It was heart warming to see Logan more excited to give than receive!  (Sorry, no pictures...Justin has a strict policy on no pictures before he's had coffee...or ever if he can get away with it!)

And then began the unwrapping fun!  The boys did a pretty good job of taking turns opening presents and letting Mommy get in there and take way too many pictures!

Pretty early on in the party, the boys took a break and let me open my Christmas present...a new coffee mug and the promise of a date night for sushi and Barnes & Noble!  My kind of gift!

And then it was back to the boys...  Logan opened a special gift from Dad next:  his first model car.  Something for them to build together!

Logan found his present from Santa next.  He really, really wanted a puppy, but it turns out that a Batman car will do, too!

As the boys played with some of the great gifts they had already opened, Justin and I got a chance to open our gift from Gavin.  We are blessed to have an amazing day care provider who helped Gavin create some really special ornaments for us!

After that it was time for another present from Santa.  This one was to both of the boys, so they worked together to unwrap.  Of course, once the paper was off, Gavin was back to his drum leaving Logan to discover what was inside of the box!

Next up was a couple of gifts from Grandpa Jeff and family.  These had arrived in the mail a few days before and the boys had been itching to open them, and now it was finally time!

Then it was back to a present from Mom & Dad for Logan.  This time puzzles!

At this point Gavin was pretty in to digging presents out from under the tree - whether they were his or not!  This time he lucked out when he grabbed his gift from Santa:  some new blocks!

At this point we were nearing the end of the gift pile...  Gavin had one last gift to open!

Phew!  We're done!  At this point the boys had a good hour to play with all of their loot while Justin and I cleaned up the mess and got ready to head over to Mimi & Papa's house for more Christmas fun.

This Christmas morning honestly was probably one of the most fun ones I've had in a long while.  Both boys were healthy and Gavin was old enough to really enjoy the process this year.  Plus, I am generally just in a good place personally right now making it easy to live in the moment and enjoy each and every second!  God has truly blessed us this holiday season, and I am so very grateful to Him! 

Merry Christmas!
Gift #124 - the smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven
Gift #125 - moments of silence and reflection on Christmas morning
Gift #126 - joy reflected in the eyes of two little boys on Christmas morning
Gift #127 - wrapping paper that tears away easily in little hands
Gift #128 - Two little boys that niether need or want for anything

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