Friday, December 28, 2012

Puppy Love

This is Molly:
She is still a puppy - only a few months old.  She belongs to Barb and Norm - Justin's grandparents and the boys' great-grandparents.
Everybody is in love with Molly - especially my boys.  In fact, because of Molly I have spent the last six weeks convincing Logan that even though he asked Santa for a puppy, he wasn't going to get one.  The story I weaved was one of Santa, Dad, and I discussing that Logan and Gavin weren't quite ready for a puppy this year.  He decided that that was okay, because he had Molly and every Sunday he gets to play with Molly when we go to visit Gigi and Papa.  Turns out his excitement to see and play with Molly is stronger than the lure of presents, because when it was time to leave Mimi's house (and all those fun presents), he was ready because it meant it was time to go to Gigi's house and play with Molly!
Gavin seems to like pretending to be a puppy more than play with the puppy.  Case in point:

And it didn't stop there!  He wasn't satisfied with just Molly's bed.  He decided to take over her house as well...
He was more than happy to share the house with Molly.  He even encouraged her to climb in with him.  And though she gave it a shot, in the end she decided he could have the place!

For me, the best part of having Molly around is the fact that she keeps my boys very entertained and all I have to do is hang out and watch the fun.  Occassionally I have to step in and protect poor Molly from my over affectionate children!

Molly is definitely a fun addition to our extended family and our Christmas day!

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