Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sharing More Gifts...

I find it funny that I started this list of gifts a few weeks ago and now it is November which is a great time to remember all we are thankful for.  I didn't plan it that way.  I started looking for the gifts in my life because things are hard right now, and I didn't want to loose sight of all the joy that still exists inside of all of the pain I'm going through.  I think it is pretty cool how all of this has come together!  So, here are a few more gifts that I found inside my everyday life...

46.  Blogging in bed
47.  The smell of clean laundry
48.  Snuggling with my boys
49.  Being able to care for my sick child - even in the middle of the night
50.  Being able to stay home from work with my sick baby

51.  Hiding under the covers with Logan
52.  Guitar Hero 
53.  My sweet babies who love it
54.  My right to vote
55.  God's Law

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