Sunday, November 18, 2012

Look what I learned to do! (Goal #66)

My mom has cross stiched birth announcements for each of my boys that I have hung on a wall in their rooms.  For instance, here's Gavin's hanging in his nursery:

Nice, right?  Well, when Gavin was around a year old, we decided to move his crib into Logan's room and turn the nursery into a playroom.  I just kinda left Gavin's birth announcement hanging in the playroom instead of moving it to the bedroom.  I had every intention of rehanging (okay, making Justin rehang it), I (he) just never got around to it.  So, there it hung out of place by can just barely see it above the shelf in this picture...

Then came this summer.  I just cracked.  I mean, here my boys were with this huge room full of every toy imaginable (well, not really), and they were never in the playroom!  Every night we were picking up their toys and hauling them back to the "playroom."  My living room and bedroom were constantly littered with toys!  I had no space!  So, I took back the playroom and moved all their toys into their bedroom.  (Of course, there are no pictures of the new "my space" cuz I haven't exactly finished it yet...)

At this point I was determined to make rehanging Gavin's birth announcement in the bedroom part of the whole process, but yet it just laid there on top of the dresser for months.  Justin wasn't around to hang it for me anymore, and I didn't really know how to go about doing it.  A nail?  A screw?  And if I use a screw, how do I make the drill work?  And which drill bit would I need?  And how do you change a drill bit?  And how do I get the picture centered on the wall?  How do I get one picture line up with the other when one is portrait and one is landscape?  Soooo many questions and no answers.  Course, I never thought to ask anyone...

Then one afternoon at work, my boss had us start hanging up a bunch of new posters and pictures.  I learned that a nail is more than adequate for hanging a picture, so the whole drill crisis was averted.  And I learned that measuring tape can go a long way to helping someone figure out how to center a picture on the wall.  And finally, I learned the importance of just "eyeballing it" sometimes. 

That was a month ago now, and Friday night I finally got daring enough to give it a shot on my own and finally accomplish goal #66

That's Logan's birth announcement all alone up there on the wall...
I was feeling so confident in my skills at this point that I decided to move a couple of other pictures that were already hanging in the boys' room!
See those two pictures hanging above the bed?  Well, now that we have bunk beds, they were hanging above empty space and looked completely out of place!


 Doesn't that look great?  Please say it confidence can't take a kick to the face right now! 
Two things are for sure after writing this post:
  1. I can hang my own pictures now!  Woohoo!
  2. I didn't take any pictures when I moved the playroom back into the bedroom...totally bummer because it made it really hard to find any "before" pictures!
 And, I know I just said I learned only two things, but now I just realized I learned a third:  I need to do a post about my boys' bedroom/playroom and the amazing difference a set of bunk beds made in my life! 
Now, I'm talking craziness!  I think NoBloPoMo is getting to me if I'm going to resort to talking about bunk beds just to get a post up every day for the rest of the month...
Okay, back to the point!  I completed Goal #66!  And I did it by myself!  And it looks great!  Woohoo!

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