Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful ~ a post about gifts

****UPDATE****  Clearly I still don't know what day of the week this is (was?) because this post was planned for Saturday and yesterday was clearly Sunday to everyone but me...

Turns out I didn't have a post planned for yesterday (seems I was (am?) having trouble keeping track of what day it is). That makes this post right on time!

I've been working hard to not only list the gifts in my life, but also include pictures. I think there's something about pictures that say more than words - at least for me. Must be my extremely visiual nature! Today's list is another one full of pictures of all the gifts in my life!  I've actually been working on putting this one together for about a week now, so I'm excited to finally get to share it!

56.  A message of hope that greets me every morning

57.  My iPhone...
58.  ...and the entertainment it provides my children with!

59.  Learning how to hang pictures by myself!

60.  Stacks of books to read to my boys

61.  Lazy mornings spent in pajamas

62.  Walks by myself on cool fall afternoons...
63.  ...and the crisp, "fall" smell of the air.

64.  Taking my own pictures of my boys...
65.  ...and making them into Christmas cards on my own.

66.  The ability to provide my boys with gifts on Christmas Day...

67.  ...and fun, new decorations picked out with help from them!

68.  Time spent decorating the house with my boys' help.

69.  The birth of Jesus...

70.  ...and his sacrifice for all of us.

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