Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Gifts

71.  Safe travels to Iowa
72.  Car seats to keep my boys safe
73.  Portable DVD players to entertain my boys on a long car ride
74.  Laughter from the backseat as Logan entertains Gavin
75.  My boys' love for their grandma and grandpa...
76.  ...and vice versa!
77.  A trip to the movie theater with my sister, Dannielle (Twilight!)
78.  Movie theater popcorn with big cups of Dr. Pepper
79.  Wine shopping with my sister
80.  Drinking wine with my dad and sister
81.  Thanksgiving dinner with family
82.  Gavin's naps - especially the hard won ones
83.  Playing a board game with my family
84.  Laughter so hard your sides ache
85.  Snuggling in bed with Gavin
86.  Family pictures

87.  Breakfast omlets made fresh by Dad
88.  8 million rounds of "Perfection" with Gavin
89.  Watching Logan play Mouse Trap with Grandpa
90.  8 million more round of "Perfection" between Gavin and Grandma
91.  Watching Logan bond with Grandpa
92.  Watching Gavin bond with Grandpa
93.  Mom and Dad's kitchen island perfect for blogging and reading
94.  Quiet time to myself
95.  Listening to Gavin "play" Mouse Trap by himself
96.  Talks with my mom
97.  A broken car fixed by Dad
98.  Tight hugs good-bye
99.  Amazingly well behaved boys on a long drive home
100.  Being home again after our trip

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like Mouse Trap is a big hit in your family. Nothing better than well behaved kids on a long car drive!

    Love your captures.