Friday, November 23, 2012

The plan to make it to the end of November

Today's post (like the last three posts, honestly) is kind of a cheater post.  But it still counts right?  I mean, I posted!  Isn't that what matters???  *ahem*

Anyway, we are almost to the end of November which also means I am almost to the end of NaBloPoMo.  I have to say, as much as I love blogging (and have rediscovered just how much I love blogging), I am ready for a break from blogging every. single. day.  It's dang hard to try and come up with all of that material!  I have seven more days (or posts - however you want to look at it) to go after today, and I need a plan to make it through!  So, here's what's coming:

Saturday - another post on gifts that I have been working on

Sunday - sharing some of those family pictures I took and wanted to share YESTERDAY!  (still got to figure out that storage issue)

Monday - You Capture ~ Lunch

Tuesday - I'd like to do another Just Write

Wednesday - while it may be coming almost a week after the fact, I'm working on a Thanksgiving Day post

Thursday - I've got some awesome pictures to share of my cute boys from the weekend!

Friday (the LAST day!) - a reflection on the experience I have had the past month blogging every! single! day!

And that will be the end of November!  Crazy to think it's almost over already, isn't it?  See ya later this week - hopefully with pictures again!

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