Saturday, November 10, 2012

Too Tired to Blog

Yesterday was too nice to blog; today is too tired to blog.  So there will be no pictures and no planned out message where I try to be funny, entertaining, and impart some kind of deep life message (yeah...umm...right...that's what I do here... *ahem*).  Let's face it.  Today I am simply and mechanically fulfilling my obligation to myself to blog every day.  Go with it.

The weather was uncharacteristically beautiful for November again!  We were outside for a chunk of the morning playing in piles of leaves (pictures to come!).  Then Gavin took a nap and Logan had quiet time.  When everyone was up and moving we loaded up the car and headed to the lakes for dinner and shopping....

and that's where things went downhill.  Fast.

Half way to our destination, Gavin threw up in the car.  I had to pull over in a hotel parking lot and take him to a bathroom to clean him up while Justin cleaned out the car.  When we were set to go again, there was no discussion:  we turned around and headed home.

Just in time, too...

Not five minutes after we got back, Gavin threw up again.

And again.

The evening was spent tag teaming taking care of the boys and cleaning up Gavin and whatever he threw up on.  And in my head I keep thinking we just did this on Monday!  How can this kid get TWO stomach bugs in LESS than a WEEK???!!!

Now my boys are tucked into bed, and I am exhausted.  I think I'll go to bed, too.  And by the way, I still don't know the answer to the above question.  If you do, dear readers, please let me know...

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